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all about this Thea girl …

You can find Thea wrangling cows, babies and boss lady ambitions on the ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Where she is currently chasing her Happily Ever After with her husband Jesse, two tiny cowboys, Oliver (3 years) and Elliot (1 year), a rescue dog named Rooster, her “good” horse Teddy, a mess of colts that need a few wet saddle blankets and a herd of black Angus cattle.

A bit of a wandering gypsy, having followed her career from her hometown in Northern Idaho through New Mexico and Colorado before landing in the breathtaking Sandhills of Nebraska. Thea grew up among the tall pines and deep lakes of North Idaho. In a town that she considered “small” prior to taking up her current residence near a town of just over a hundred people where she is now living the ultimate ranch wife life in the middle of nowhere. From preschool through high school, she spent the majority of her time in the saddle, chasing Hereford calves, banty hens and the occasional tadpole on her grandparents’ small ranch. She frequently travels to Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico to visit friends, indulge in meals she doesn’t have to cook herself and cheer her husband on at team ropings.

Thea’s professional career has included positions from event coordinator to CEO and she holds degrees in both Business and Journalism. She managed successful teams in rodeo and event production, sponsorship programming and non-profit management, and had more than ten years of marketing, event and executive leadership experience prior to striking out on her own. Some times God nudges you towards your purpose and other times he kicks you out of the nest. The latter was more the case in Thea making the decision try her hand at working for herself, offering marketing and brand strategy consulting, as well as freelance writing and social media management in 2014. The same year she met her now husband, Jesse and became truly immersed in the rural ranching life.

Thea’s foray into the digital space, blogging, and social media have been going strong since she made her first Twitter bestie in 2008. At which point a love for turning online acquaintances into real life friendships took root and she’s been blissfully internetting ever since. Thea is the “real-life” person behind two separate women’s western lifestyle platforms, The Cowgirl Diaries and Women in Western. Both of which were founded in late 2014 as a way to connect with like-minded women over western fashion, home decor and entrepreneurial endeavors and grew to audiences in the tens of thousands.

Most recently she has launched Thea Does The Things to document her adventure conquering a life that is #goals as a ranch wife, cowboy mama and rural boss lady. Applying the tactics and systems that served her well as a CEO and documenting every mess along the way.

Thea is a pro at curating and creating beautiful, relatable content that engages with audiences across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs and Newsletters. If you’d like to work with her, check out the aptly titled “Work With Me” Page. Or just shoot an email to thea@metawest.net.

Thea Larsen